What is official translation?

  • a translation made by a certified translator;
  • placed on the translation agency’s letterhead paper;
  • certified by the translator’s statement for fidelity of the translation;
  • bearing the translator’s signature and the agency’s official seal;


Is the official translation enough or I need legalization?

It always depends on the place where the document is to be presented. Legalization means that the respective document should be supplied with all necessary preliminary certifications, and finally with an Apostille to verify the genuineness of the document itself, and further having an official certification of the translation containing the translator’s name. Where such certifications are not required, so it means that an official translation will be enough for your document.


For any further information about the Apostille and document legalization, or if you wonder whether official translation could be enough or you need legalization, please do not hesitate to call us for consultation or to send your enquiry via our contact form.