Document Translations

Lingua Star makes document translations from and to more than 30 languages.


What is our technology for document translation?

  • Firstly, we accept your project (document, other text, etc.);
  • then we communicate with the client to specify the source/target language, turnaround, price, and any other client’s requirements and specifics;
  • after that the document is assigned to a translator dealing with that subject and language;
  • to facilitate our work, and since we respect our clients, we keep a glossary for each project or use the one we have already created;
  • right before translation delivery, it is edited by another translator for any style and lexical discrepancies in the translation (in consultation with the client or an external advisor);
  • and finally, it is proofread to eliminate any technical (or human) mistakes – names, numbers, dates, etc.;

How to calculate the price for translation?

  • In Bulgaria, and in this country only, a national standard has been established of 1800 characters (with spaces) per translated page;
  • A preliminary price can never be final, but approximate;
  • It always depends on the specifics and complexity of the source text and the project turnaround;
  • It is different for different languages, which are divided into three major groups:
  • Group I – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian; 
  • Group II – Greek, Romanian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese;
  • Group III – all rare languages – Dutch, Flemish, Danish, Sweden, Jewish, Armenian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, etc.

We offer discounts for volume and the price is negotiable!


How can I send a text or a document for translation?

  • via e-mail or fax in order to save your time;
  • we must have your original if the document will be legalized;
  • you may send and receive your documents for legalization without leaving your office, because we have our own courier;

If you would like to order a translation or if you have a question to us, you can contact us via our contact form!